gold chain repair

Laser Welding

DeRosa Jewelers will harness the power of the stars in repairing your jewelry with laser technology.

Laser welding offers superior quality repairs in platinum, gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel and other metals. Using filler wires of the same material, strong joints can be achieved without compromising quality or integrity, thus resulting in a superior jewelry repair. We can repair damaged items without removing from the setting heat-sensitive stones; this makes the task easier, safer and quicker. Antique, rhodium plated or heat sensitive items can be repaired with only minor local heating, thus preserving the quality and appearance of the item.

Benefits of laser welding:

  • Extremely strong welds, no discoloration or visible lines.
  • Generates little to no heat, safe for heat sensitive stones.
  • Most repairs can be performed as as you wait.
  • The repair can be viewed on a HD TV from a camera inside the laser chamber.
  • We can size difficult items such as platinum and white gold without any visible lines.
  • No use of solders, filler material is gold or platinum resulting in strong welds.
  • Assembly of complicated designs by hand holding items while welding.
  • Antique jewelry restoration without removal of patina.
  • We can repair most broken eye glass frames.
  • We can repair most small metal items even if not jewelry.

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